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Easton Public Market Hosts Four Course Heritage Dinner

The Public Market hosts kitchen demos, dinners, and more.

Since opening in spring of 2016, the Easton Public Market has quickly become a favorite of foodies across Lehigh Valley.

Within the market, you’ll find something to satisfy whatever craving you might have. Fresh-baked pizza? Grab it at Scratch. Finger-licking good barbeque? More Than Q has got you covered. Hot and spicy ramen? Mister Lee’s Noodles will do the trick.

And beyond the ready-to-eat foods, you can also stock up on fresh produce from the Highmark Farmstand, grab some fresh fish from the 3rd & Ferry Fish Market, and even some choice cuts of meat from Dundore & Heiser. DSC_0011

We recently made a visit to the Easton Public Market to enjoy a special dinner prepared by Chef Amanda Cox in the Market Kitchen. Here, you can find demonstrations, cooking lessons, and even pairing dinners like this one.

The meal we attended corresponded with the annual Easton Heritage Day, and celebrated a modern twist on some of the foods that people might have enjoyed at the time the city of Easton was founded.

The table was dressed exquisitely and the space allowed for some lovely conversation set amongst the live music that was being played at the neighboring seating area just outside the glass doors. Among our dinner mates were two distinguished guests that reveled us with great tales of history throughout the meal, Ben Franklin and William Parsons.

DSC_0026The four course meal prepared by Chef Amanda Cox was fantastic, with each ingredient adding a thoughtful influence to the entire dish. I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, so the fourth course was definitely my favorite, but I would definitely order any of the courses again if they were available! You can find Chef Cox at Scratch within the Easton Public Market.

All of the ingredients used in the meal were sourced from right within the Public Market. Courses were paired with a cider from Peace Valley Winery, and also a number of beers from Shawnee Craft Brewing. DSC_0019

Be sure to check out the Easton Public Market’s full calendar for a list of upcoming dinners, kitchen demos, and other events.

First Course
Cornmeal polenta porridge topped with seasonal gazpachoDSC_0048

Second Course
Virginia oysters with a shrimp and bacon filling tipped with parmesean cheese and served with pickled veggies

Third Course
Pork pot pie with leeks, aged cheddar, and seasonal herbs and veggies

Fourth Course
White cheddar ice cream with a berry topping